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Gadan, Gin Agricolo, Franco Cavallero, 3rd release 2018

Gadan, Gin Agricolo, Franco Cavallero, 3rd release 2018

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Piemonte - Size: 70cl - 47% ABV

Main Botanicals: juniper, iris, rosebuds, lavender


A fresh, dry Gin with a marked juniper scent, refreshed and scented by floral essences that makes it pleasantly bitter. On the palate, the right alcohol content tempers the aromas and lengthens in the finish with an aftertaste of violet and rose to round out the palate. The crisp, refreshing flavour profile makes it ideal for bold, floral cocktails.


Gin Agricolo is the brainchild of the intrepid winemaker Franco Cavallero, his dream made true to produce a purely local Gin, the entire production chain is under his control, and using only the freshest ingredients selected and grown by him locally (a chilometro zero).

Already owner  of the Sant'Agata winery, in 2011 he opened his own bar in Asti, "Il Cicchetto" reflecting his passion for fine cocktails, and especially for gin: the bar stocks about a hundred different gins in addition to his own! 

To supply the botanicals, Cavallero cultivates thirty-five different plants on four hectares of land, exclusively dedicated to his gins' flovouring, a sort of “garden lab”, where the territory itself is  a fundamental variable, the altitude (very important for concentration of flavor and aroma), the exposure and the soil become the focus of his research.

Italy boasts a long tradition of juniper distillates--the oldest "Italian gins" from Piedmont and Trentino are mentioned in late 19th-century liquor manuals by Antonio Rossi and Luigi Sala. It should come as no surprise considering that this evergreen shrub is grown all over the country, from the Alps to Sardinia, and Italian juniper is used by the finest distilleries in Britain, America, and Spain. But in Italy the world of Gin is still unexplored and underestimated by many.  Franco Cavallero's aim is to change that by crafting a purely Piemontese Gin, with unmistakably local flavours!

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