W.O.W. #13 “Lobo” Carménerè, Viñedo Silvestre, Villalobos 2018

W.O.W. #13 “Lobo” Carménerè, Viñedo Silvestre, Villalobos 2018

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Wine of the Week #13 - 12 June 2019

“Lobo” Carménerè, Viñedo Silvestre, Villalobos 2018

Colchagua Valley, Chile


Organic and Natural wine

Wild vineyards which have never been treated in a traditional way, however they have evolved rather wild and free, without being subjected even to the use of chemicals.

Villalobos philosophy is based on the unconditional respect of the environment and especially of the soil where their grapes are produced. For that, the steps of handling of the vine are carried out with the help of horses as well as traditional tools which make it possible to regulate the vegetation. The harvest is done by hand, in the middle of brambles, wild roses, a difficult and laborious task because of the specific location of these vines.


Reddish purple with violet hues. The nose reveals a hint of herbal undertones and a strong scent of ripe, macerated cherries gently followed by a trace of green pepper with a chocolate touch. It has a marked acidity and smooth tannins, fruity, with a bitter chocolate finish.

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