Ligabue, Nebbiolo D'Alba DOC, Teo Costa, 2018

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Ligabue, Nebbiolo D'Alba DOC, Teo Costa, 2018

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Grape: Nebbiolo.

Piemonte, Italy.


The Azienda Agricola Teo Costa, is located in the Roero, in the municipality of Castellinaldo d'Alba that in recent years has been characterized by great liveliness and territorial dynamism.

Nebbiolo is certainly the noblest red grape variety in Piemonte, the region itself rightly deserving its reputation as the greatest red wine area in Italy.

Growing Nebbiolo is no easy task, however requiring as it does a great deal of skill and highly qualified work to grow this very special wine. It is the first variety to blossom in spring and the last to be harvested in autumn.

The Costa family has always taken Nebbiolo into great consideration. Their Nebbiolo vineyard - called ‚"Bric Costa" (Costa Hilltop) - is one of the best in the area both for its South-Western exposure and for the mineral wealth of the soil.

The wine label is dedicated to the popular Italian naif painter Antonio Ligabue. At birth he was registered with his mother's name as Antonio Costa thus providing an excellent coincidence of names and taken as a good omen.


Red wine with a rich body, aged in big casks of oak wood.

Vineyard location: town of Castellinaldo, location Bric Costa.
Soil and exposure: hilly soil with medium consistency characterised
by limestone and clay. South-Western exposure
Winemaking: selection of grapes during harvesting. Traditional vinification with maceration of skins and constant stirring of the must.
Ageing: 1 year in big oak barrels. 6 months in bottles.
Type of bottle: high-shoulder bottle (75 cl).
Release: 24 months after harvesting.
Colour: deep ruby red with light garnet red reflections.
Nose: intense, winy and reminiscent of ripe fruit with spicy hints of sweet and aromatic wood.
Taste: full, very well structured and persistent.


Beef, Lamb, Game (Deer, Venison), Poultry.