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    Asti DOCG Spumante ARIONE View larger

    Asti DOCG Spumante ARIONE

    CODE SPA-30099-NV | Availability: Out of stock

    Grape Moscato Bianco di Cannelli 100%
    Region Piedmont
    Appellation ASTI D.O.C.G
    Producer ARIONE S.p.a.
    Alcohol Content % 7.5%
    Vintage NV
    Size 75 cl

    The harvest starts at the beginning of September, with hand, taking away, when necessary, damaged or affected grapes.

    Soft pressure, without taking away the wood from the clusters, in pneumatic presses, to avoid damages of the wooden part of the cluster which could bring some unwanted components to the wine.

    Refrigeration of the must at 6-8°C to blocks any beginning of fermentation and favours the natural decantation of the skins.

    Then, another refrigeration, bringing down the temperature at 0°C definitively blocks the fermentation. The must, conserved sweet, is stocked in big inox tanks, in a refrigerated area; with this procedure, the aromatic bouquet is preserved till the consumption.

    During every period of the year, following needs, the must can be taken from the refrigerated area and put in fermentation in airtight tanks, where it develops carbon dioxide which causes the characteristic foam and the fine perlage.

    The wine matches very well with dry biscuits, cakes, sweets, fresh fruits, dry fruits, fruits cakes. Perfect with celebrations, parties and special events.

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    Asti DOCG Spumante ARIONE

    Asti DOCG Spumante ARIONE

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