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Friulano, Villa Russiz DOC 2015

Friulano, Villa Russiz DOC 2015

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Friulano, Villa Russiz DOC 2015

Grape: Tocai Friulano

Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy


The love of Theodor for a place and a territory, Russiz and the Collio district around Gorizia, which express an extraordinary natural vocation for wine-growing, responding to the hard work people have invested in them by producing wines with unmatched aromas and flavours.

A heritage of excellence with a distinctive, unique value. Wines that are much appreciated by wine-lovers and fascinate everyone from the first sip.


Pale straw with greenish tints. Strong and round taste, with a characteristic note of bitter almonds, chamomile and wildflowers. Slightly lower acidity than the other whites in the range.


Perfect with Prosciutto di S. Daniele, splendid with vegetables, particularly in spring: asparagus, nettles, hops, and campion, in a risotto or open-faced omelette. Also goes very well with crustaceans such as mantis shrimp, shrimp, scampi and lobster, having sufficient mineral content to underline their flavour.

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